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Constantin Brâncuși. The Column Or The Lesson On The Infinite (2001)

Constantin Brâncuşi. Coloana sau Lecţia despre infinit (2001)

47 min. - Documentary - PG -


In October 1996, the Infinite Column was dismantled. After four years of technical surveys, restoration works were initiated in the fall of 2000 and they were finalised early in the winter. The film captures this process, probably unique, within the larger context of the life and personality of Constantin Brâncuși.

Director: Laurenţiu Damian

Writer: Laurenţiu Damian



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Produced By

Video Publishing House
The Ministry of Culture and Cults
National Cinema Center

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2000-2001 - UCIN - Award for Testimonial Film


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