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Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013)

Caseta nr.4 / Alexandra (2013)

15 min. - Short Movie Thriller - -

Synopsis: Paul is making a video of his girlfriend Alexandra, taking her through different parts of the city they live in. As night comes and they retire to a more private place, a car pulls right by them and three men physically force them into the car. The young couple is taken to a remote garage, where Paul is beaten and forced to watch Alexandra being raped by the three men.

Director: Cristian Pascariu

Writer: Cristian Pascariu

Stars: Alexandra Tarce, Olimpiu Blaj

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  • Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013)
  • Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013)

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Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013) Alexandra Tarce
Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013) Olimpiu Blaj Paul
Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013) Radu Lărgeanu
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Produced By

Alien Film


  • ”Mână birjar”, interpretată de Jean Moscopol


  • Selectat în competiția de scurtmetraje la Zilele Filmului Românesc de la Transilvania Film Festival 2013. 
  • Proiectat la Festivalul Drepturilor Omului BARCELONA/PARIS/NEW YORK, 2013.

Tape No 4 / Alexandra (2013) - Photo