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House of Dolls (2020)

Casa cu păpuși (2020)

77 min. - Documentary - AG - 24.09.2021

Synopsis: The annual vacation of a bunch of 70-year-old ladies. Far from men and the madness of daily life, Cica, Nana and their friends isolate themselves voluntarily in a villa in the countryside. Together they blend joie de vivre and memories, melancholia and joyfulness, gossip and jokes. All that to keep up the illusion that time has not passed, that they are still the same beautiful and attractive girls they were 50 years ago.

Director: Tudor Platon

Writer: Tudor Platon

Stars: Viorica Crăciun, Ileana Crăciun, Elena Laslu, Ana-Maria Bondar, Aura Chindea

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  • House of Dolls (2020)
  • House of Dolls (2020)
  • House of Dolls (2020)
  • House of Dolls (2020)
  • House of Dolls (2020)

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House of Dolls (2020) Viorica Crăciun
House of Dolls (2020) Ileana Crăciun
House of Dolls (2020) Elena Laslu
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Produced By

microFILM & Film Cartel in co-production with 1TV Neamț

Production info

Work-in-progress at Laboratorul fArad 2018 and 2019.
Financing: Dr. Oetker, Provident, Kika România, Covalact, Savini Due, MediaCom, Vitrina Advertising.

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2021 - Ceau Cinema - The Trophy


  • Work-in-progress at One World Romania 2019, section Made In Romania.
  • Debut regizoral pentru Tudor Platon.
Tudor Platon about the film:
”In the summer of 2016, the person I loved the most in my entire life, the grandmother who raised me, died. I tried to fill the void she left behind by getting closer to Cica, my mother’s mother, who never allowed me to call her ”grandma”. Out of the need to spend more time with her, I ended up filming her and her best friends during one vacation in the country side. After getting to know them, I understood that for Cica, Nana, Elena, Pupi and Aura time doesn't exist. They chose to remain a bunch of young girls who have the same life problems as I, but aren’t yet fully aware of how they ended up in 70-year-old bodies.”

House of Dolls (2020) - Photo