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California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)

California Dreamin’ (nesfârşit) (2006)

155 min. - Comedy Drama - AP 12 - 01.06.2007


‘It’s about a train transporting radar equipment that was supposed to cross over Romania in 24 hours and arrive at the frontier with Serbia in order to back up the NATO operations taking place in the area. The train is unexpectedly stopped for five days in a village, somewhere in the Bărăgan, and each day is a film chapter focused on a group of characters." (Cristian Nemescu)

Director: Cristian Nemescu

Writer: Tudor Voican, Cristian Nemescu

Stars: Armand Assante, Răzvan Vasilescu, Maria Dinulescu

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  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)
  • California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006)

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California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006) Armand Assante Captain Doug Jones
Răzvan Vasilescu Doiaru, the station master
Maria Dinulescu Monica, Doiaru's daughter
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Produced By

MediaPro Pictures
Temple Film
with the support of CNC

Production info

The film was shot from May 29 to July 21, 2006 in Fundeni–Frunzănești, Comana andConstanța. The first Romanian film shot in Super 35 (widescreen with a much larger image frame on the stock), color, 4265 m. (Estimated) production costs: 1.600.000 $.


MediaPro Distribution

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2007 - Cannes - Un certain regard Award
    2007 - Bruxelles - Golden Iris Award for Best film. Audience Award. Canvas special prize
    2007 - Kiev, Molodist - FIPRESCI Award and Special jury prize
    2007 - Anominul - Anonimul Trophy
    2007 - Londra - Satyajit Ray Award
    2007 - UCIN - Best director. Best screenplay. Best actor in a leading role (Răzvan Vasilescu). Special jury prize (Armand Assante)
    2008 - Gopo - Best screenplay. Best actor in a leading role (Răzvan Vasilescu), Best editing, Best costume design. Young hope Award (Tudor Voican)
    2008 - RiverRun International Film Festival - Jury prize for Best Actor (Răzvan Vasilescu), Best cinematography. Special jury prize for Best Director


Doiaru: ‘Fuck the U.S.A, Fuck NATO, Fuck Bill Clinton and fuck that lady from Bucharest. This is my station!’


Cristian Nemescu about the film:
‘Right after having graduated from film school, I had a lot of ideas about all kinds of characters. At some point I went somewhere near the village MihaiBravu and I was very inspired by the girls living there, who were very moved by the fact that Americans had come to their village. My ideas weren’t really consistent as a whole until I had heard that coverage story about the train from ‘99, meaning the real story, which suddenly summed up all the ideas I had had and turned them into a script. (…) That train from ’99 had to carry radar equipment, but they didn’t have all the paperwork because everyone had rushed to let the train to pass and no one imagined that someone might have a problem with that; at some point, it was stopped in a very small railway station, near Craiova, a few kilometers away from where it was supposed to arrive. The station master zealously examined all the CFR (Romanian Railway Network) rules from A to Z and found out that something was indeed off. At a higher hierarchical level no one wanted to be held responsible for having let the train continue on its path. The train was stuck there for half a day, after which it carried on and reached its destination, but the irony was that by then it was already useless. To cap it all, it was stopped again on its way back because the paperwork was still not in order.’

California Dreamin’ (Endless) (2006) - Photo