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Blană (2016)

Blană (2016)

10 min. - Short Movie - - 08.06.2017

Synopsis: Soare is a musician with too little inspiration and too many neurons baked from smoking weed. One day, he decides that his life has become too chaotic, so he begins writing a guide for surviving the moments when his reality stops making sense. Passing various surreal episodes, Soare hopes to regain his inspiration.

Director: Tudor Botezatu

Writer: Adrian Șerban

Stars: Alexandru Potocean

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Alexandru Potocean Soare
Mihai Rîpan Diving
Blană (2016) Ana Joița The girl
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Produced By

Tapioca Film
cu sprijin de la Cinelab România, Atlantis Film, Chainsaw Europe

Blană (2016) - Photo