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Aliyah DaDa (2014)

Aliyah DaDa (2014)

115 min. - Documentary - AG - 26.03.2015


In 1882, a small community from Moineşti left for the Holy Land, in order to establish one of the first Jewish settlements in Palestine. Since then the path of the Romanian Jewish towards Israel intertwines with the history of the modern Romania, in a love-hate bond, the influences of which might not ever be quantified. The film approaches some sensitive topics, such as Romania helping the Nazi Germany, the persecution of the Jews, the pogrom from Iaşi, their implication in the forming of the Communist Party or the secret economic agreements from the Communist period between Romania and Israel.

Director: Oana Giurgiu

Writer: Oana Giurgiu


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  • Aliyah DaDa (2014)
  • Aliyah DaDa (2014)
  • Aliyah DaDa (2014)
  • Aliyah DaDa (2014)

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Produced By

Libra Film Productions

Production info

It wins a credit of 300.000 lei in the CNC project contest, the session December 2010 – January 2011, with the title From Romania to Sion.

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2015 - Docuart - Best Editing
    2015 - Festivalul Indie - IPIFF - The Trophy for the Best Documentary
    2016 - Gala Gopo - Best Documentary


  • The title of the documentary has two meanings: “Aliyah” is the Jewish word for the emigration of the Jews towards Israel and “DaDa” is a reference to Dadaism, the artistic movement which was born after the First World War.
  • The story is visually cut in the Dada style, as part of the tribute brought to its creators, Tristan Tzara and Marcel Iancu, two Jews originating from Romania.
  • Oana Giurgiu confessed that she started being interested in this topic thanks to a song that she heard: an Israeli singer was telling the story of his father who had left from Romania. Searching for more information, she found out that the singer`s father was a Zionist and that he had written a memoir book.
  • “From Romania to Zion” was the working title of this project that took four years to make.

Aliyah DaDa (2014) - Photo