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Alice T (2018)

Alice T (2018)

105 min. - Drama - - 09.11.2018

Synopsis: The story of Alice T., who gets pregnant at only 16 years old, and the relationship with her adoptive mother.

Director: Radu Muntean

Writer: Alexandru Baciu, Radu Muntean, Răzvan Rădulescu

Stars: Andra Guți, Mihaela Sîrbu, Cristine Hămbășanu

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Andra Guți Alice Tarpan
Mihaela Sîrbu Bogdana
Alice T (2018) Cristine Hămbășanu
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Produced By

Co-production România/Suedia/Franța
Multi Media Est
co-producers Les Films de L'Apres Midi, Chimney, Film I Vast
with support of CNC, Eurimages, Cofinova 14, Creative Europe Programme

Production info

Budget - 1,3 milioane euro
Financing CNC - 1.747.200 lei
32 days of shootings in august 2017


Voodoo Film în România / Bac Films în Franța / Films Boutique internațional

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2018 - Locarno - Leopard for Best Actress (Andra Guți)


  • Casting cu 800 de actrițe pentru rolul principal, Alice T.

Alice T (2018) - Photo