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The Circle of Spies (1980)

Al treilea salt mortal (1980)

100 min. - Crime - AG - 21.07.1980

Synopsis: 1944. In Nazi-occupied Europe, a geology professor makes a discovery with strat egic value. To avoid it being used for evil purposes he disappears. A circus is staged for the comeback of a famous clown, who is the father of the professor. The professor falls into the trap in going to the first night, but is saved by the local resistence.

Director: Alecu Croitoru

Writer: Nicolae Mărgineanu, Atanasie Toma

Stars: Ion Dichiseanu, Jean Constantin, Maria Clara Sebök

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  • The Circle of Spies (1980)
  • The Circle of Spies (1980)
  • The Circle of Spies (1980)

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Ion Dichiseanu Smith-Vogel
Jean Constantin Bluferini
The Circle of Spies (1980) Maria Clara Sebök Lolo
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Produced By

Casa de filme Patru

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 10 acte, 2730 m.




  • Alternative title: "The Circle of Spies".


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