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Ai noștri (2017)

Ai noștri (2017)

45 min./ep. - Comedy - - 02.03.2017


Two completely different families, Ciorba and Ghica, have a single thing in common, which, unfortunately, they can't avoid: the love between their kids. The two children from the families, Irina and Horatiu, fall in love and they decide to take the big step: marriage. Although the interests of the two families have no common point, the young lovers are convinced that this will not be an obstacle to happiness. 

Director: Dragoș Buliga, Radu Potcoava, Mircea Hategan, George Dogaru

Writer: Radu Alexandru, Radu Crahmaliuc, Dan Panaet, Alexandru Popa

Stars: Teodor Corban, Emilia Popescu, Constantin Pușcașu

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  • Ai noștri (2017)

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Teodor Corban Sandu Ciorbă
Emilia Popescu Elena Ciorbă
Constantin Pușcașu Marin Ghica
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Frame Film Studios



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