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A While Ago (2015)

Cu ceva timp în urmă (2015)

21 min. - Fantasy Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Everybody has a way to cope with loss. Olive chooses loneliness and emerges herself in a world of imagination.

Director: Stela Pelin

Writer: Stela Pelin

Stars: Sorin Dobrin, Crina Semciuc, Corneliu Ulici

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  • A While Ago (2015)
  • A While Ago (2015)
  • A While Ago (2015)
  • A While Ago (2015)

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Sorin Dobrin Sorin
Crina Semciuc Olivia
Corneliu Ulici Corneliu
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with support of We are basca

Production info

Budget - 8.000 euro


  • Premieră internațională în China - 13.11.2015

A While Ago (2015) - Photo