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Seven Days with Old People (1998)

13–19 iulie 1998, Craiova – Azilul de bătrâni (1998)

52 min. - Documentary - -

Synopsis: The daily routine of the 500 elders in a nursing home in Craiova.

Director: Cristi Puiu, Andreea Păduraru

Writer: Cristi Puiu, Andreea Păduraru


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  • Seven Days with Old People (1998)
  • Seven Days with Old People (1998)

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In the Rumanian town of Craiova, five hundred elderly people are passing their days in a home, for which they pay with their paltry pensions. Every day looks the same, every activity is predictable. Even the people‘s complaints are part of the daily routine. One of the residents hopes in vain that a lottery ticket will bring him refuge. For six days, filmmakers Andreea Paduraru and Cristi Puiu try to get through to these people, who are carrying their whole past on their backs. To the question what the best days of their lives was, nobody can or wants to give an answer. Nearly everyone immediately starts about the day-to-day worries and problems in the home. Finally, one woman tells about her activities as head of the research department of the government of Ceausescu, with whom she once had an argument. Another resident recalls his time as a soldier in World War II and proceeds to the order of the day. (


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