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Black Friday (2015)

Black Friday (2015)

21 min. - Short Movie - - 00.06.2015


In the Communist era, queueing (for food) was the norm. After a long wait on an empty stomach, Mihail doesn't receive his food ration. The next day, he tries to be first in line.

Director: Roxana Stroe

Writer: Roxana Stroe, Ana Maria Gheorghe

Stars: Gabriel Spahiu


Gabriel Spahiu Mihai
Sorin Cociș
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Camelia Zorlescu
Liana Mărgineanu
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Roxana Stroe

Screenplay by

Roxana Stroe

Ana Maria Gheorghe

Produced by

Ioana Lascăr

production manager

Smaranda Sterian

executive producer

Cinematography by
Laurențiu Răducanu

Music Department

Serghei Prokofiev

Film Editing by

Cristi Dimitriu

Production Design by

Adina Lupu

Costume Design by

Adina Lupu

Makeup and Hair

Constantina Mîş

Sound by

Alex Andreica

Mircea Petrescu

Iolanda Gîrleanu

boom operator

Directing Department

Mihai Ghiţă

asistent regie

Alexandru Badea

asistent regie