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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

My Beautiful Dacia (2009)

Dacia, dragostea mea (2009)

75 min. - Documentary - AG -


A humorous essay on the Romanian odyssey from Communism to capitalism as seen from the perspective of one of Romania's most charismatic symbols: Dacia, a simple and discreet automobile, but also a mirror of Romanian society.

Director: Ştefan Constantinescu

Writer: Julio Soto

Stars: Miodrag Belodedic, Grigore Munteanu, Nicolae Petrişor


My Beautiful Dacia (2009) Miodrag Belodedic himself
My Beautiful Dacia (2009) Grigore Munteanu himself
My Beautiful Dacia (2009) Nicolae Petrişor himself



Ştefan Constantinescu

Julio Soto

Screenplay by

Julio Soto

Produced by

Julio Soto

Alexandru Solomon

Ada Solomon

Ilinca Belciu

production manager

Cinematography by

Alexander Stikich

Film Editing by

Julio Soto

Sound by

Marin Cazacu