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Blue Spring (2015)

Blue Spring (2015)

15 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A day in the life of a solitary woman in her thirties, as she has to part from her teenage lover.

Director: Andreea Borțun

Writer: Andreea Borțun

Stars: Nicoleta Hâncu, Cătălin Borțun, Rareș Andrici


Nicoleta Hâncu Ea
Blue Spring (2015) Cătălin Borțun Tatăl
Rareș Andrici El



Andreea Borțun

Screenplay by

Andreea Borțun

Produced by

Gabriela Suciu


Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

asistent de producție

Cinematography by

Adrian Bulboacă

Music Department

Eszter Tompa

Film Editing by
Tudor D. Popescu

Production Design by

Iulia Petrescu

Sound by

Roxana Bain

sound editor

Ioan Filip

sound mixer

Laura Lăzărescu

sound editor

Marius Obretin

boom operator

Directing Department
Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

regizor secund

Image Department

Adrian Bulboacă

digital effects

Lucian Iordan

digital effects