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Triggered / Les Percutés (2000)

Țăcăniții (2000)

103 min. - Crime - IC 14 - 30.03.2001

Synopsis: While his credit card has just been swallowed by a distributor, Bruno Lussac, says Débé, inspector of his state, crosses the limits of home ethics when he learns that he has just been banned from banking. Disguised as a southerner for a costume party where he was supposed to arrest drug dealers, he drags his colleagues into robbing a bank, causes a bloodbath but comes out victorious of this heist. For his accomplices, the informant and the pretty keeper of peace, Cécile Barko, known as Cyborg, this is the start of a crazy run.

Director: Gérard Cuq

Writer: Gérard Cuq, Michel Cuq

Stars: Tomi Cristin, Christophe Laubion, Ingrid Chauvin


Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Tomi Cristin Sniper
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Christophe Laubion Debe
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Ingrid Chauvin Cyborg
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Denis Karvil Spirou
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Eric Metayer Lagache
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Bernard Farcy Şef RAID
Sanda Toma
Cătălina Mustaţă
Dan Condurache Fou smoking
Horaţiu Mălăele
Triggered / Les Percutés (2000) Petre Lupu
Alexandru Bindea
Radu Gabriel
Eugen Cristea Fou râleur
Rudy Rosenfeld
Daniela Nane Bank manager
Alexandru Georgescu Nebunul
Florina Cercel Mama Cyborg
Constantin Drăgănescu Nebunul isteric
Richard Bovnoczki Fou pipi
Tudorel Filimon Fou
Alexandru Virgil Platon
Silviu Biriș Pierrot
Vlad Ivanov Nico
Răzvan Săvescu
Bogdan Vodă Paco
Adriana Butoi Nurse
Avram Birău



Gérard Cuq

Screenplay by

Gérard Cuq

Michel Cuq

Produced by

Ion Marinescu (i)

Denis Karvil

Lucian Gologan

Pierre Roitfeld

Cinematography by
Ion Marinescu (i)

Music Department

Etienne Perruchon

Film Editing by

Lidia Slavu

Diane Logan

Production Design by
Daniel Răduţă

Costume Design by
Gabriela Ricşan

Makeup and Hair
Violeta Marinescu

Sound by

Dominique Davy

Anuşavan Salamanian

Image Department
Tudor Mircea