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The Valley Resounds (1949)

Răsună valea (1949)

78 min. - Drama - G - 09.01.1950


In 1948, in a time when the call for voluntary work and intense propaganda concerning the class struggle is in full swing, thousands of young people from all over the country have gathered in the Defile of Jiu to build a railroad. 

Director: Paul Călinescu

Writer: Mircea Ştefănescu

Stars: Marcel Anghelescu, Geo Barton, Radu Beligan


Marcel Anghelescu Ion
Geo Barton Radu
Radu Beligan Niki Goguleanu
Angela Chiuaru Sanda
The Valley Resounds (1949) Puiu Dumitrescu UTM Representative
Marcel Enescu Eng. Poenaru
Alexandru Ionescu-Ghibericon The tapster Vasilescu
Puiu Hulubei Petre
The Valley Resounds (1949) Constantin Mitru Old man Gheorghe
Yarodara Nigrim Miss Goguleanu
Eugenia Popovici Ileana
A. Pop-Marțian Creţu
Nicolae Sireteanu Eng. Dinescu
Ion Talianu The banker Goguleanu
Maria Voluntaru Mrs. Goguleanu
Horia Șerbănescu Coupletist
The Valley Resounds (1949) Gheorghe Andreescu The shady fellow
The Valley Resounds (1949) Valeriu Buciu Niţă
The Valley Resounds (1949) Ioana Călinescu Deaf old lady
The Valley Resounds (1949) Mimi Cojan The Nurse
The Valley Resounds (1949) Dobre Ene Old peasant
The Valley Resounds (1949) Ilariu Popescu
The Valley Resounds (1949) Angelo Grigoriu Coupletist no. 1
The Valley Resounds (1949) Cezar Grigoriu Coupletist no. 2
George Grigoriu Coupletist no. 3
The Valley Resounds (1949) Marga Ştefănescu
The Valley Resounds (1949) Ioana Matache
The Valley Resounds (1949) Paul Mocanu
The Valley Resounds (1949) Nicolae Popescu
The Valley Resounds (1949) Constantin Vintilă The Brigadier from Ardeal
Titus Lapteș
Vasile Florescu
Mișu Fotino
The Valley Resounds (1949) Constantin Bărbulescu
The Valley Resounds (1949) Cristina Şchiopu
Marcel Gingulescu Party representative
Bob Călinescu



Paul Călinescu

Screenplay by

Mircea Ştefănescu

Cinematography by
Wilfried Ott

Music Department
Paul Constantinescu

George Grigoriu

Film Editing by
Lucia Anton

Lucreţia Drocan

Production Design by
Ştefan Norris

Costume Design by
Ştefan Norris

Sound by

Victor Cantuniari

Gheorghe Mărăi

Grigore Ionescu


Directing Department
Ion Bostan

first assistant director