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The Survivor (2007)

Supravieţuitorul (2007)

106 min. - Action - N 15 - 11.04.2008

Synopsis: After WWII "Comisarul Moldovan" (Sergiu Nicolaescu / Petr Falc) spent years as a political prisoner of the communist regime. The favorite entertainment of the Russian Colonel in charge of the prison was to have the inmates play Russian Roulette. Only his unbelievable luck and survivor spirit helped Moldovan live through his detention. Out of the prison the ex-policeman joins an international Russian Roulette illegal gaming circuit. In late 70's faith brings him to a Central Eurpean town where Goldberg (Vladimir Gaitan / Cristian Motiu), an old acquaintance of his is organizing an "improved" version of the game where two opponents are shooting each other. Step by step Moldovan meets lots of familiar faces, both friends and enemies. It looks like the whole Bucharest's underworld from the 40's chose to meet here.

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu

Writer: Sergiu Nicolaescu, Adina Mutăr

Stars: Sergiu Nicolaescu, Petr Falc, Vladimir Găitan


Sergiu Nicolaescu Old commissar Moldovan
The Survivor (2007) Petr Falc Young commissar Moldovan
Vladimir Găitan Goldberg as old man
The Survivor (2007) Cristian Moţiu Goldberg as young man
George Mihăiţă Haral as old man
George Alexandru An old man
Jean Constantin Limbă
Ion Rițiu Cristian Vasile as old man
Loredana Groza Miss Lory
Ion Dichiseanu Colonel
The Survivor (2007) Lucian Viziru Cristian Vasile as young man
The Survivor (2007) Ileana Lazariuc Zarada
Cristian Iacob Taxi driver
Cristian Şofron The convict
Cuzin Toma Mercenary 2
Mihai Bendeac Poker player
Cosmin Crețu Sergeant



Sergiu Nicolaescu

Screenplay by

Sergiu Nicolaescu

Adina Mutăr

Produced by

Andrei Boncea


Iuliana Tarnovețchi

executive producer

Mihai Toderiuc

executive producer

Cinematography by
Viorel Sergovici jr.

Music Department
Petru Mărgineanu

Film Editing by
Nita Chivulescu

Domnica Cîrciumaru

Production Design by
Radu Corciova

Costume Design by
Ioana Corciova

Makeup and Hair
Mircea Vodă

Sound by
Mihai Orăşanu

Ion Bain

sound editor, mixer assistant

Cristian Tarnoveţchi

sound mixer

Cristinel Şirli

sound mixer

Directing Department

Emil Slotea

first assistant director

Image Department
Sorin Chivulescu

camera B