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Ana and „the thief” (1981)

Ana şi „hoţul” (1981)

98 min. - Love Story - G - 21.09.1981


Mihai, a student at the Politehnica University, is on holiday by the seaside, where he steals a car, drives without a license and causes a serious accident. Consequently, he’s expelled from school and sentenced to prison. After doing his time in jail, Mihai gets a job as a factory worker. His thief reputation prevents him from fitting in until he meets Ana. In the meantime, his former cell inmates track him down and try to convince him to help them out with a burglary. Mihai turns down their offer and wants to denounce them. 

Director: Virgil Calotescu

Writer: Francisc Munteanu

Stars: Gabriel Oseciuc, Amza Pellea, Carmen Galin


Gabriel Oseciuc Mihai
Amza Pellea Crijan
Carmen Galin Ana Crijan
Dorina Lazăr Maria Crijan
Costel Constantin Petrescu
Stela Popescu Silvia
Aurel Giurumia Caragea
Radu Gheorghe Pârvu
Alexandru Arşinel Ghiță Dubăț
Papil Panduru The Worker
Dinu Manolache Secretary of Youth Organisation (UTC)
Constantin Dinulescu Silvia's Friend
Valentin Plătăreanu
Draga Olteanu-Matei
Dumitru Rucăreanu
Ana and „the thief” (1981) Constantin Zărnescu
Ana and „the thief” (1981) Violeta Preda
Petruț Traian



Virgil Calotescu

Screenplay by

Francisc Munteanu

Produced by

Dumitru Fernoagă


Constantin (Titi) Popescu

production manager

Cinematography by
Dumitru Costache-Foni

Music Department
Anton Şuteu

Film Editing by
Mioara Ionescu

Production Design by
Gheorghe Bălăşoiu

Costume Design by
Gheorghe Bălăşoiu

Sound by
Sotir Caragaţă