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Of Snails and Men (2012)

Despre oameni şi melci (2012)

93 min. - Comedy - AP 12 - 14.09.2012


The ARO car factory went bankrupt and is about to be privatized in a week. It will be bought by a French company that intends to turn it into a snail farm. The currently factory has 3000 workers and only 300 will keep their jobs. Union leader George (Andi Vasluianu), (Ana's husband, father of Viorel) lives with a modest monthly sum, like all the other workers in the city. Not able to sleep, one night she sees a television commercial about a sperm bank that pays $ 50 for each donation. That's the mad idea to save workplace of his colleagues. If 1,000 workers sell their sperm for a week, they could raise enough money to save the factory from bankruptcy.

Director: Tudor Giurgiu

Writer: Ionuţ Teianu

Stars: Andi Vasluianu, Monica Bîrlădeanu, Dorel Vișan


Andi Vasluianu George Petrescu
Monica Bîrlădeanu Manuela
Dorel Vişan Vladimir
Of Snails and Men (2012) Jean-François Stevenin Robert
Of Snails and Men (2012) Robinson Stevenin Olivier
Of Snails and Men (2012) Andreea Bibiri Ana
Valeria Seciu Tatiana
Ovidiu Crișan Ion
Alina Berzunţeanu Carmen
Of Snails and Men (2012) Albert Dima Viorel
Of Snails and Men (2012) Ion Grosu Mirel
Of Snails and Men (2012) Liliana Ghiţă Mama Manuelei
Clara Vodă Doctor Gina Filip
Alin Panc Alin
Of Snails and Men (2012) Sebastian Lupu Sebi
Gavril Pătru Giani
Of Snails and Men (2012) Cătălin Cucu Cătălin
Emilian Oprea Emy
Constantin Florescu Tache
Of Snails and Men (2012) Dragoş Gărdescu - Puya Interpret karaoke
Of Snails and Men (2012) Gabriel Gheorghe Gabi
Of Snails and Men (2012) Cătălin Grigoraş Grigore
Constantin Fugaşin Colan
Cuzin Toma Toma
Of Snails and Men (2012) Doru Presecan Doru
Of Snails and Men (2012) Vlad Jipa Vlad
Of Snails and Men (2012) Sorin Misirianţu Sorin
Of Snails and Men (2012) Sebastian Marina Marin
Of Snails and Men (2012) Adrian Matioc Adi
Mihai Dorobanțu Mihai
Ion Besoiu
Elena Negreanu Vladimir's Mother
Claudia Susanu Wife 5



Tudor Giurgiu

Screenplay by

Ionuț Teianu

Produced by

Tudor Giurgiu

Oana Giurgiu

Patrick Sobelman

Cinematography by
Vivi Drăgan Vasile

Music Department

Vlaicu Golcea

Film Editing by
Nita Chivulescu


Laura Grosu

Liliana Toma

Production Design by

Csaba Domokos

Costume Design by

Dana Istrate

Makeup and Hair
Dana Roşeanu

Iulia Roșeanu

assistant makeup artist

Sound by

Andi Arsenie

boom operator

Mirel Cristea

foley recordist

Alexis Marzin

assistant re-recording mixer

Florin Tăbăcaru

sound editor (sound designer)

Cristian Tarnoveţchi

sound mixer

Cristinel Şirli

sound re-recording mixer

Sebastian Zsemlye

foley artist and editor

Alexandru Dumitru

first assistant sound editor

Image Department
Adi Marineci

fotograf de platou