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Hooked (2007)

Pescuit sportiv (2007)

80 min. - Drama - N 15 - 13.02.2009

Synopsis: A Sunday picnic seemed like the best way for Mihai and Sweetie to spend some quality time together and take their relationship to a new level. But a series of odd and unexpected events soon turn this idyllic weekend getaway into a very, very strange day.

Director: Adrian Sitaru

Writer: Adrian Sitaru

Stars: Adrian Titieni, Ioana Flora, Maria Dinulescu


Adrian Titieni Mihai
Ioana Flora Iubi
Maria Dinulescu Ana-Violeta
Nicodim Ungureanu Ionuţ
Alexandru Georgescu driver
Hooked (2007) Sorin Vasilescu hunter
Hooked (2007) Monica Nica girl 1 from the gas station
Hooked (2007) Maria Ioniţă girl 2 from the gas station
Hooked (2007) Virginia Constantinescu prostitute 1
Hooked (2007) Laura Voicu prostitute 2



Adrian Sitaru

Screenplay by

Adrian Sitaru

Produced by

Ada Solomon

associate producer

Juliette Lepoutre


Marie Pierre Macia


Adrian Sitaru

executive producer

Sorin Damian

production manager

Cinematography by
Adrian Silişteanu

Music Department

Cornel Ilie

Film Editing by
Adrian Sitaru

Production Design by

Paul Sorin Damian

Makeup and Hair

Viorica Rizea

Sound by

Marius Constantin

Constantin Titi Fleancu


Directing Department
Ruxandra Ghiţescu

script supervisor