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The Unsaved (2013)

La limita de jos a cerului (2013)

80 min. - Drama - N 15 - 27.09.2013


In a backwater small town from the Republic of Moldova, two young fledgling weed dealers (they deliver it through the mail boxes), take care of their business, at their ease, until the youngest of them falls in love with a hair dresser. In order to clear away any possible competition to her heart, he is ready to give the entire network away to the police.

Director: Igor Cobileanski

Writer: Corneliu Porumboiu, Igor Cobileanski

Stars: Igor Babiac, Sergiu Voloc


Igor Babiac Viorel
The Unsaved (2013) Sergiu Voloc Goose
Ela Ionescu Maria
Igor Caras-Romanov Vivi
The Unsaved (2013) Angela Ciobanu Viorel`s mother
The Unsaved (2013) Alexei Machevnin Alexei
The Unsaved (2013) Aleksandr Kiciuk Serghei
The Unsaved (2013) Ion Coşeru Bică
The Unsaved (2013) Victor Drumi Fane
The Unsaved (2013) Denis Dimitriu Adi
The Unsaved (2013) Valentin Ţurcan Sandu



Igor Cobileanski

Screenplay by

Corneliu Porumboiu

Igor Cobileanski

Produced by

Alexandru Teodorescu


Dan Burlac

Associate Producer

Mihaela Popescu

Executive Producer

Oana Iancu

head of development as Oana Kelemen

Cinematography by
Oleg Mutu

Film Editing by
Eugen Kelemen

Cristina Ionescu

Production Design by

Adrian Suruceanu

Costume Design by

Lilia Ixari

Makeup and Hair

Micola Ponomorenco

Sound by
Alex Dragomir

Sebastian Zsemlye

Directing Department

Corina Radu

First Assistant Director