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Potemkiniștii (2022)

Potemkiniștii (2022)

18 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: In 1905, the sailors on the battleship Potemkin are given political asylum in Romania - an act of defiance against Russia. In 2021, a sculptor (Alexandru Dabija) wants to create an artwork inspired by the event. A comedy about art, history, memory and cinema.

Director: Radu Jude

Writer: Radu Jude

Stars: Alexandru Dabija, Cristina Drăghici


Alexandru Dabija
Potemkiniștii (2022) Cristina Drăghici



Radu Jude

Screenplay by

Radu Jude

Produced by

Ada Solomon


Diana Caravia

executive producer

Cinematography by
Marius Panduru

Film Editing by
Cătălin Cristuţiu

Costume Design by
Cireșica Cuciuc

Makeup and Hair
Bianca Boeroiu

Sound by
Marius Leftărache

sound design

Constantin Titi Fleancu