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Grand Hotel Italia (2011)

Grand Hotel Italia (2011)

16 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A simple room from a hotel in Padova, Italy, owned by a Romanian, hosts not only individuals, but unexpected meetings and collisions between people connected through one single thing.

Director: Rodi Cotenescu

Writer: Rodi Cotenescu

Stars: Marius Manole, Silviu Biriș, Petre Dinuliu


Marius Manole
Silviu Biriș
Petre Dinuliu
Sergiu Costache



Rodi Cotenescu

Screenplay by

Rodi Cotenescu

Produced by

Nicoleta Dărăban

Cinematography by

Vlad Lomnășan

Film Editing by

Lucian Baicu

Production Design by

Andreea Săndulescu

Sound by

Lucian Baicu