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The Windseeker (2020)

Căutătorul de vânt (2020)

110 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 30.07.2021

Synopsis: Radu lives a solitary, sterile life. A promising job interview seems to give him a chance of breaking free from depression, but after some medical tests required by the company, he finds out that he only has a few more months left to live.  He leaves the city and after weeks of driving, exhausted, he stops in the middle of a village. Where to?

Director: Mihai Sofronea

Writer: Mihai Sofronea

Stars: Dan Bordeianu, Olimpia Melinte, Adrian Titieni


Dan Bordeianu Radu
Olimpia Melinte
Adrian Titieni



Mihai Sofronea

Screenplay by

Mihai Sofronea

Produced by

Tudor Giurgiu


Adriana Răcășan

line producer

Bogdan Crăciun

producer & executive producer

Boris Chouchkov


Stefan Orlandic


Cinematography by

Toni Cartu

Film Editing by
Corina Stavilă

Production Design by

Marian Pîrvu

production designer

Costume Design by

Ana Cântăbine

Makeup and Hair

Bistra Ketchidjieva

Make up & Hair