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Wedding Duet (2011)

Wedding Duet (2011)

19 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Two young people who love each other. A big day. Everything should be perfect.

Director: Goran Mihailov

Writer: Tudor Buican

Stars: Ioana Manciu, Vlad Pavel, Sorin Dinculescu


Wedding Duet (2011) Ioana Manciu
Wedding Duet (2011) Vlad Pavel
Wedding Duet (2011) Sorin Dinculescu,
Wedding Duet (2011) Emilian Marnea
Wedding Duet (2011) Ana Cristea



Goran Mihailov

Screenplay by

Tudor Buican

Cinematography by

Radu Fulga

Film Editing by

Sorin Baican

Sound by

Andrei Sibișan

Image Department

Radu Voinea

asistent camera