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The Campaign (2020)

Berliner (2020)

93 min. - Comedy Drama - - 23.02.2021

Synopsis: Viorel, a quiet, upright tractor driver from a small town in west Romania meets Mocanu, a high profile politician campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament. Mocanu's car has broken down nearby and Viorel and his wife welcome the politician into their humble home. Under investigation for corruption, Mocanu sees an opportunity and decides to stay with this modest family during the rest of the campaign, winning people's hearts by posing as a common man next to his "old friend", the honest, hard-working farmer. In return, Viorel will get a new tractor.

Director: Marian Crișan

Writer: Gabriel Andronache, Marian Crișan

Stars: Ovidiu Crișan, Ion Sapdaru


Ovidiu Crișan Viorel
Ion Sapdaru Mocanu
Maria Junghietu Rodica
Sorin Cociș Primarul Sălăjanu
Ioana Chițu Mirela
Ion Rușcuț Tibi
George Dometi Adi
Petre Ghimbășan Nelu
Răzvan Vicoveanu
Eugen Țugulea Baci Liviu
The Campaign (2020) Corina Cernea Florica
Lucian Pavel Onoriu
The Campaign (2020) Denisa Vlad Mara
The Campaign (2020) Denisa Hamza Raluca
The Campaign (2020) Adrian Locovei Mircea
The Campaign (2020) Kovacs Levente Laci
The Campaign (2020) Gajay Agnes Ildiko
The Campaign (2020) Emil Sauciuc Director
George Voinese Ghita
The Campaign (2020) Georgia Cărpărin Host tv
The Campaign (2020) Mirela Lupu Cashier
The Campaign (2020) Doboș Imre Driver Veres



Marian Crişan

Screenplay by

Gabriel Andronache

Marian Crişan

Produced by

Marian Crişan

producer / executive producer

Anca Puiu


Simona Pătrașcu

production manager

Anamaria Antoci

associate producer

Mădălina Ripanu

production coordinator

Cinematography by
Oleg Mutu

Film Editing by
Tudor Pojoni

Floriela Grapini

Production Design by
Simona Pădurețu

Costume Design by

Anca Miron

Makeup and Hair
Bianca Boeroiu

makeup stylist & Hair

Sound by
Alexandru Dumitru

sound designer

Răzvan Ionescu

solund editor

Mihai Bogos

sound recordist

Directing Department

Mihai Chirilă

first AD

Cristian Maghiar

3rd AD

Alexandra Botău

script supervisor

Dan Lupu

PR Manager

Image Department

Mihai Grănaru


Adrian Pădurețu