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Ivana The Terrible (2019)

Ivana cea Groaznică (2019)

86 min. - Comedy Drama - AP 12 - 13.03.2020


Ivana works as an actress in Romania, but after she is confronted with some health issues, decides to spend the summer in her small Serbian hometown by the Danube river, surrounded by family. She is asked by the mayor to be the image of the local music festival and she reluctantly accepts it. But after her eccentric musician friends arrive from Bucharest and her love life involving a much younger local boy becomes the town’s gossip, Ivana is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Original protagonists, friends and family were invited to re-live the emotions and play themselves as fictional characters on camera in a story about a woman who cannot find her place on either sides of the Danube river.

Director: Ivana Mladenović

Writer: Ivana Mladenović, Adrian Schiop

Stars: Ivana Mladenović


Ivana Mladenović Ivana
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Luka Gramić Nikola
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Gordana Mladenović Mama
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Miodrag Mladenović Tatăl
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Kosta Mladenović Fratele
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Zivka Sorejević Bunica
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Andrei Dinescu Andrei
Ivana The Terrible (2019) Anca Pop



Ivana Mladenović

Screenplay by

Ivana Mladenović

Adrian Schiop

Produced by

Ada Solomon

Ivana Mladenović

Cinematography by

Carmen Tofeni

Film Editing by

Patricia Chelaru

Cătălin Cristuţiu

Production Design by

Radmila Simić

Rada Dronjak

Gordana Mladenović

Costume Design by

Iulia Popescu

Makeup and Hair

Iulia Popescu

Dejana Petrucić

Directing Department
Ana Szel

artistic director

Andrei Rus

artistic director

Cătălin Anchidin

PR manager