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Faci sau taci (2019)

Faci sau taci (2019)

98 min. - Action Comedy - AP 12 - 15.03.2019

Synopsis: With the support of the Spanish authorities, the Romanian police are developing a bold and dangerous plan to unmask a criminal organization and capture the leader. The comedy settles with the visit of a Spanish official who puts great difficulty on the Romanian officials. In "Hola, mamacita, Shakira, Pique" all their vocabulary in Spanish is summarized and they understand about the official directives. "We're on a mission, but who is that?" Obviously, things get fun. Fortunately, there are competent people to deal with the force intervention. A team of six girls from the special forces, ministers, commissioners, a puzzled driver, a criminal with a hidden identity and an officer full of lust, all set in motion.

Director: Iura Luncașu

Writer: Iura Luncașu

Stars: Augustin Viziru, Levent Sali, Monica Bârlădeanu


Faci sau taci (2019) Augustin Viziru
Faci sau taci (2019) Levent Sali
Monica Bîrlădeanu
Faci sau taci (2019) Gică Craioveanu procuror spaniol
Faci sau taci (2019) Cătălin Cazacu
Codin Maticiuc George
Faci sau taci (2019) Diana Dumitrescu
Faci sau taci (2019) Sandra Izbaşa
Faci sau taci (2019) Horia Brenciu
Faci sau taci (2019) Giulia
Faci sau taci (2019) Oana Moşneagu
Faci sau taci (2019) Cristina Visterneanu
Faci sau taci (2019) Cosmin Nedelcu (Micutzu)
Faci sau taci (2019) Bogdan Mălăele
Faci sau taci (2019) Ana Baniciu
Faci sau taci (2019) Maria Popoviciu



Iura Luncaşu

Screenplay by

Iura Luncaşu

Produced by

Iura Luncaşu

Cristian Puchiu

Cinematography by

Răzvan Leucea

Film Editing by

Marian Ene

Domnica Cîrciumaru

Sound by

Ionuţ Geadău