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Andrea’s Tramway (2005)

Andreea și tramvaiul (2005)

17 min. - Love Story Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A surprising love triangle. Andrea, Marcel and… a tramway. Andrea loves Marcel, but she loves her tramway as well.

Director: Alex Iordăchescu

Writer: Alex Iordăchescu

Stars: Maria Dinulescu, Bogdan Dumitrache


Maria Dinulescu Andreea
Bogdan Dumitrache Marcel
Julieta Strîmbeanu La Dame volée
Constantin Drăgănescu Le chef de dépôt
Andrea’s Tramway (2005) Mihai Calota Le voleur



Alex Iordăchescu

Screenplay by

Alex Iordăchescu

Produced by

Alex Iordăchescu


Ruxandra Zenide

executive producer

Dani Dragan

unit production manager

Cinematography by

Martin Matiasek

Music Department

The Young Gods

Film Editing by

Jeanetta Ionesco

Costume Design by
Ruxandra Zenide

Makeup and Hair

Corina Hera

make up artist

Directing Department

Alexandra Puia

first AD