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Miss Sueño (2017)

Miss Sueño (2017)

20 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Roxana is about to leave Romania and settle down in Madrid, Spain. Helped by charming Dan and his wife, Alina, she will soon find a job there and start a new life. Roxana doesn't know yet, but she will be another sex-trafficked Romanian girl.


Director: Radu Potcoavă

Writer: Radu Potcoavă

Stars: Bogdan Dumitrescu, Aurora Păunescu, Olimpia Melinte


Bogdan Dumitrache Dan
Olimpia Melinte Alina
Miss Sueño (2017) Aurora Păunescu Roxana
Marin Grigore



Radu Potcoavă

Screenplay by

Radu Potcoavă

Produced by

Claudiu Mitcu


Ion Ioachim Stroe


Robert Fița


Alina Tarbă

executive producer

Răzvan Lazarovci

production manager

Emil Matei Lumezianu

location manager

Cinematography by
Andrei Butică

Film Editing by
Cătălin Cristuţiu

Production Design by
Mălina Ionescu

Costume Design by
Mălina Ionescu

Makeup and Hair

Dora Codița

Directing Department

Constantin Cotache Donici

first AD