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The Headlight (2017)

Farul (2017)

15 min. - Short Movie - - 08.06.2017

Synopsis: Radu Iovan and his high moral principles become the target of a ten thousand souls wager between God and Satan. God upholds there still are honest men in the world, but the Devil disagrees. A bet worth ten thousand souls is settled. Those souls will hang in the high moral principles balance of Radu Iovan. Rushing to meet his daughter who is leaving the country, he is pulled over because of a broken headlight.

Director: Ionuț Gaga

Writer: Ionuț Gaga, Bogdan Ilieșiu

Stars: Andi Vasluianu, Adrian Titieni


Andi Vasluianu Lavinel Petricele
Adrian Titieni Radu Iovan
The Headlight (2017) Andrei Crișan Satan (voice)



Ionuț Gaga

Screenplay by

Ionuț Gaga

Bogdan Ilieșiu

Produced by

Bogdan Ilieșiu


Ionuț Gaga


Alina Gaga


Radu Ungureanu

production assistant

Claudiu Sas

production assistant

Cinematography by

Andrei Crișan

Bogdan Ilieșiu

Music Department


Film Editing by
Bogdan Ilieșiu

Sound by

Cezar Enache

sound mixer

Adrian Carlugea


Directing Department

Sorina Arcereanu

first AD