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Family Issues (2013)

Probleme de familie (2013)

14 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Mircea, a 40 something years old divorced man, is facing a delicate situation when he discovers his 18 years old daughter didn't come home after a night out with a boy.

Director: Ruxandra Ghiţescu

Writer: Ruxandra Ghiţescu

Stars: Mădălina Anea, Ioana Flora, Marius Stănescu


Family Issues (2013) Mădălina Anea Laura
Ioana Flora Anca
Marius Stănescu Mircea
Vlad Zamfirescu Mihnea
Paul Negoescu Marius



Ruxandra Ghiţescu

Screenplay by

Ruxandra Ghiţescu

Produced by

Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan


Marcel Neudeck


Ciprian Alexandrescu

executive producer

Cinematography by

Lulu Hillerin

Film Editing by

Mihai Codleanu

Production Design by
Adrian Cristea

production designer