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Marita (2016)

Marița (2017)

100 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 01.12.2017


Thirty-year-old Costi decides to spend a few days with his family. His parents have long since divorced, but Costi thinks it would be a great idea to arrange a surprise reunion, and he persuades his father to travel with him to meet up with his mother and siblings. Taking the old family car, affectionately known as Mariţa, they head out on a journey that will ultimately help to heal past wounds and allow Costi to finally understand not only his parents, but also himself.

Director: Cristi Iftime

Writer: Anca Buja, Cristi Iftime

Stars: Adrian Titieni, Alexandru Potocean


Adrian Titieni Sandu
Alexandru Potocean Costi
Bogdan Dumitrache
Ana Ciontea
Victoria Cociaş
Marita (2016) Lucian Iftime
Andrei Huțuleac
Marita (2016) Lorena Zăbrăuțanu
Nicoleta Hâncu
Dan Chiorean
Marita (2016) Ana Popescu
Marita (2016) Timon Nanau



Cristi Iftime

Screenplay by

Anca Buja

Cristi Iftime

Produced by

Ada Solomon


Radu Stancu


Ioana Lascăr

executive producer

Cinematography by
Luchian Ciobanu

Film Editing by
Dragoş Apetri

Production Design by
Mălina Ionescu

Costume Design by
Alexandra Alma Ungureanu

Makeup and Hair

Maria Andreescu

Sound by
Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu

Alexandru Dumitru

sound designer

Florin Tăbăcaru

Directing Department
Cătălin Anchidin

PR manager

Ilinca Belciu

distribution coordinator

Image Department

Boroka Biro