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A Quiet Place (2015)

A Quiet Place (2015)

24 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A young woman, Cristina, returns to her family after years away, to their farm in Romania. Her parents avoid her almost completely and Cristina only feels some kind of affection and familiarity from her younger sister, Marina. How Christina survived where she was and its location is to never be discussed to keep the supposed peace in the home.

Director: Ronny Dörfler

Writer: Ronny Dörfler

Stars: Șerban Pavlu, Mădălina Craiu, Maria Obretin


Şerban Pavlu Tatăl
Mădălina Craiu Cristina
Maria Obretin Mother
A Quiet Place (2015) Oana Rusu
Andrei Ciopec



Ronny Dörfler

Screenplay by

Ronny Dörfler

Produced by

Eduard Haris

Eugen Matei Lumezianu

Cinematography by

Cosmin Fericean

Film Editing by
Eugen Kelemen

Production Design by

Iza Tartan

Sound by
Florian Titus Ardelean

sound mixer

Marius Leftărache

sound design

Iolanda Gîrleanu

sound mixer