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I + I = I

I am Hercules

I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians

I do not know which Maria

I Do Not Know Wich Maria

I Don't Want to Get Married

I Have an Ideea

I Made You, I Kill You

I Remain with You

I Want to Know what I Have Wings for

I Was to Play Hamlet

I Wish, You Wish

I'm an Old Communist Hag

I'm going crazzy and I'm sorry

I'n not famous but I'm Aromanian

I, Prince Stephen the Founder

Iancu Jianu

Iancu Jianu, the Outlaw

Iancu Jianu, the Tax Collector


Ice Flowers

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

If I Were a Kind Fairy...

If the Seed Doesn't Die

Ilie's Honeymoon



In a Charming Garden

In Godfather's Movie

In My Father's Words

In no uncertain terms

In Perfect Health

In Search of the Lost Father

In the Fishbowl

In the Green Underwater Jungle

In the House

In the Morning

In Which the Protagonist Hides and Then Has An Unexpected Encounter


Incidents with Hedgehogs



Infinite Football

Innocent Murder


Interior. Block of Flats Hallway

Intermezzo for an Eternal Love

Interviews on a Given Theme

Invisible Enemies

Ion - The Curse of Love

Ion Vlasiu - A Journey Towards People

Ion's Voyage

Ionaș Dreams of Rain

Ionica's First Steps

Ipu's Death


Is There a Thursday?

It Can Pass Through the Wall

It Takes Three to Fence

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

It's Up to Us

The Idle Princes of the Old Court

The Impossible Love

The Independence War

The Inn Among the Fields

The Inquiry

The Instance Adjourns the Sentence

The Invisible Elephant Operation

The Invisible Side of the Moon

The Invisible World of the Danube Delta

The Ionutz Brigade

The Island

The Island

The Ivory Aigrette