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A Ball in the Bison's Glade

A Bomb Was Stolen

A Brief History

A Charming Girl

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Story

A Clod of Clay

A Cloudless Vacation

A Crew for Singapore

A Day Full of Surprises

A Day in Bucharest

A Day Like Any Other Day

A Day Will Come

A Death in My Family

A Decent Man

A Diamond for Everyone

A Drawing for a Bird

A Dreaded Hunter

A Fantastic Comedy

A Farewell to Fools

A Film for Friends

A Game for Two

A Girl's Tears

A Good Day for a Swim

A Guest at Dinner

A January Dream

A Light at the 10th Floor

A Linesman’s Cabin

A Little Story

A Living Flame - Panait Istrati

A Long Story Short

A Lost Letter

A Love Story, Lindenfeld

A Man for a Village

A Man in a Shag Overcoat

A Man like Eva

A Mere Breath

A Merry Lament

A Midsummer Day's Smile

A Month in Thailand

A Morning Song

A Natural Occupation

A New World

A Night in Tokoriki

A not so cheerful film, but rather sad, poetic and evocative

A Patch of Sky

A Point of View

A Police Inspector Calls

A Proffession Known Ever Since the World Began...

A Prometehean Dream

A Random Act of Kindness

A Roof over the Head

A Scrap of Paper

A Sentimental Summer

A Short Summer

A Short Summer

A Sketch

A Slice of Bread

A Smile for Later On

A Social Call

A Spare Moment

A Stolen Childhood

A Stormy Night

A Story with Balls of Thread

A Story with Dots

A Story with Little Bears

A Studio Is Looking for a Star

A Summer Tale

A Summer with Mara

A Sunday in the Family

A Sunny Palace for Children

A Swan in Winter

A Trip to the City

A Usual Spring

A Very Unsettled Summer

A Wheat Grain

A While Ago

A World Without Sky

About Iulian Mihu, As He Was. About Us, As We Are

Above All

Above Man, the Woman Soars


Adalbert's Dream



Adventures in the Danube Delta

Aesop Takes a Walk


After Her

After the Revolution

Afternoon in Drumul Taberei

Alarm in the Danube Delta

Alarm in the Mountains

Alexandra and the Hell

Ali Baba's Turban

Aliyah DaDa

All God's Children

All Rivers Run to the Sea

All the Names that Start with C

All's Well That Ends Well

Allo! Hallo!

Almond Chocolate

Alone among Friends

Alone Among the Pelicans

Alone Versus Myself

Alter ego

Ambassadors Seek Country

America, Here We Come

American Fiancees

Among Swans and Balloons

An Adventure in Blue

An Ambigous Geographical Area, But, for Now, Let's Call It a Delta

An Angel Hooked on Me

An Unforgettable Summer

An Year a Little Longer

Ana and „the thief”

Ana Is Coming Back

Ana, mon amour


Ancient Beliefs

Ancient Fables

And Lots of Imagination,,,,

And the Fruit Did Show

And then...

And We Heartily Work

Andrea's Tramway

Anima... Magic... Animagic

Anything for Soccer

Apocalypse on Wheels

Ars Longa


As a Student in Yassy

As the call, so the echo

Asphalt Tango


At Cape Midia

At Last, the Portrait

At Start - Zefir

At the Age of Love

At the City Blue Gates

At the Crossroads of Great Storms

At the End of the Line

At the Gates of the Earth

At the Opera

At the Turn Pike

August in Flames


Aurel Vlaicu





The A B C

The Acacia Town, in Spring

The Actor and the Savages

The Actress, the Dollars and the Transylvanians

The Addresse Is Well-known

The Adventures of the Selfish Badger

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Afghanistans

The Afternoon of a Torturer

The Ages of Man

The Airplane of Paper

The Alphabet

The Amazing Adventures of the Musketeers

The Apartment

The Apocalypse According to Cioran

The Apple

The Apple Cart

The Apples

The Apprentice Wizard

The Architects of Poiana

The Arena

The Arms of Venus

The Art of Individual Defense

The Asteroid

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu

The Autumn of the Ducklings

The Autumn...

The Axe and the Forest