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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Radu Potcoavă

  • Director, Screenwriter
  • Born: 11.07.1978 in Bucharest
Graduate of the “Gheorghe Lazăr” High-School (1997) and of the Hyperion University (2001). He studied Film Dramaturgy at Binger FilmLab in Amsterdam, affiliated to the Amsterdam School of Art (2006). Workshops and residencies in Europe: Hamburg (Vertical Strategies), Rotterdam (Cinemart), Berlin (Babylon Workshop; Nipkow Programme) and Helsinki.


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  • He became known with the short film Aceeaşi gară pentru doiThe Same Rallway Station.
  • Displeased with the technical quality of his first feature, Happy End, Radu Potcoavă boycotted the premiere. The film was produced by Paradox Film and the financial aid granted by CNC (Romanian National Film Center) in 2004 amounted to 8 billion lei. The script was written by Mihai Fătu, and the producers were Marius Theodor Barna and Alexandru Iclozan. The director impugned the technical and artistic quality of the released version, although it was the standard copy.
  • The short Tatăl meu e cel mai tare/ Daddy Ruls was released in theatres as part of the omnibus Hot Shorts, produced by MediaPro Pictures, alongside Bora Bora, directed by Bogdan Mirică, and În film la Nașu, directed by Cristina Iacob
  • He worked with the actors Alfred Wegeman and Emilian Oprea for the shorts Tatăl meu e cel mai tare/ Daddy Ruls and Mesagerul/ The Message. Emilian Oprea was also cast in Vara s-a sfârșit/ Summer Is Over.