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Radu Beligan

  • Actor
  • Born: 14.12.1918 in Galbeni (Bacău)
  • Died: 20.07.2016 in Bucharest
Graduate of the „Costache Negruzzi” High School of Iași (1937). Artistic studies at the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in Bucharest, class of professor Lucia Sturza Bulandra. Student of the Law School (1937-1938), he used his scholarship to pay his taxes at the Conservatory. He made his debut in theatre in the play ”Crime and Punishment” after Dostoyevsky, on the stage of ”Muncă și lumină” Theatre in Bucharest. He was Professor at the Institute of Theatre and Film (1950-1965). Director of the Comedy Theatre (1961-1969) and of the National Theatre (1969-1990). "The overwelming Rică Venturiano of our masterpiece comedy O noapte furtunoasă/ A Stormy Night. Who could escape the tyranny of such a model? This actor's life in cinema is doomed. By Caragiale. Where is the screenplayer to undo such a «disgrace»?" (Radu Cosaşu, Magazin estival Cinema 1977)


  • His father was Romanian and his mother was Greek, of the Moscopol family.
  • He played with Jean Moscopol in O noapte furtunoasă/A Stormy Night, in 1942.
  • He was married three times: toactress Nineta Gusti, then to Dana Crivăț, who emigrated to Australia with their daughter, Ana Maria Beligan. His third marriage was to writer Marica Beligan, with whom he has three children - Lamia, Raluca and Alexandru.
  • Ana Maria Beligan is a director, married to director of photography Valeriu Câmpan, with whom he has two children. They live in Australia. 
  • Lamia Beligan is an actress. 
  • He was granted the titles „Artist Emeritus” of the Romanian Popular Republic (1953), „People's Artist (1962) and the Cultural Merit Order Class I (1967).
  • He was a member of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party (1969-1989), and deputy of the Great National Assembly (1961-1975).
  • Active Chairman (1971), then lifetime Honorary Chairman (1977) of the International Theatre Institute
  • He was elected member of the Romanian Academy in 2004.
  • Decorated with the Order of the Yugoslavian Flag, and with the Faithful Service Order „High Officer"
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the „I.L. Caragiale" National University of Theatre and Film
  • He published „Pretexts and subtexts” (1968), „Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...” (1978), ”Notes of an Insomniac” (2001
  • In december, 2013 he received a star on „Walk of Fame” in Bucharest.
  • On 15 December 2013, he received the title of „The oldest active theatre actor” on the planet, confirmed by the Guinness Records Commission (Guinness World Records).