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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Doru Niţescu

  • Director, Screenwriter, Actor
  • Born: 24.04.1978 in Câmpulung Muscel (Argeş)

After graduating “Dinicu Golescu” high school in Campulung Muscel in 1996, he  passes the admission exam with the UNATC, Film Direction section. In 2000 he enrolls for his master degree and stays in the faculty as a preparatory then as an assistant at the Film Direction  dpt. In 2001 he gets his master degree and in 2008 his PhD degree with a thesis on Fellini’s poetics. He collaborates as an assistant director and second unit director to several of Lucian Pintilie’s films among which Niki and  Flo. He is an conf.dr. at the UNATC-Film Direction Dpt. He publishes two cinema works: ”Il cinema- menzogna or an Incursion in the Fellinian Cinema” (awarded with  the Filmmakers’ Union Mention) and “Interviews about Fellini”. President of SEECS – Asociația Școlilor de Film din Sud-Estul Europei/ South-Eastern Europe Cinema Schools (2018).


  • Is a pro-rector, Foreign Relations Dpt, at the UNATC (2014-2016).