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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Andrei Gruzsniczki

  • Director, Screenwriter
  • Born: 27.02.1962 in Ploieşti (Prahova)
Graduate of the Electronics Faculty of the Politechnic Institute in Bucharest( class of 1987) and of the “ I L Caragiale” Film and Theatre Academy ( class of 1994). 
Between 1995- 2002, he works with Lucian Pintilie as a director's assistant. After some documentaries and TV films, in 2007 he directs the short The Chronicle of a Postponed Death. The Other Irene / Cealaltă Irina is his debut in feature film.


  • On the credits of Pintilie’s film, Prea târziu / Too Late, he appears under the name of Andrei Morosanu.
Andrei Gruzsniczki about ”Quod erat demonstrandum”:
”The initial aim of the film was at a man that swims against the stream. And I ended up doing a film about love, treason , personal choices. I wish  the fact that the plot unfolds during the communist years be perceived as a particular detail not as a defining one. Out of the particular  we may learn about universal truths.”