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Alec Secăreanu

  • Actor
  • Born: 04.12.1984 in Bucharest
Graduate of the National College “ Gheorghe Sincai” and of the Acting Dpt. of the “I L Caragiale” Theatre and Film  National University (2007), in Bucharest.


  • For the role he played in God’s Own Country he was part of a casting that lasted for 6 months. 40 Romanian actors were considered.
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The Guardian about Alec Secăreanu:
“With his honest and almost unbearable beautiful eyes, Gheorghe unnerves Johnny and shows him drudgingly how to make the difference between aggression and attraction”.
The Telegraph about Alec Secăreanu:
“Secareanu would have easily stood out in the part of an attractive man and yet his character is carried forth gradually, thus silently bringing to life his unspoken feelings. A really sharp and authentic chemistry springs between the two actors”