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Mircea Veroiu

  • Director, Screenwriter, Actor
  • Born: 29.04.1941 in Bucharest
  • Died: 01.12.1997 in Bucharest
After graduating the Sports and Physical Culture Academy in 1964, he enrols at the Institute of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale” (graduated in 1970), where he was colleague with Dan Piţa.
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Festivals / Awards

  • 1971
ACIN Black Buffalo Water Best Documentary
  • 1972
The Stone Wedding "Opera Prima" Award
  • 1974
ACIN Lust for Gold Best Director
  • 1976
ACIN Beyond the Bridge Best Director
  • 1983
ACIN The End of the Night Grand Prize
  • 1984
ACIN Fatally Wounded for Love of Life  Best Director
  • 1984
Costineşti Fatally Wounded for Love of Life  Grand Prize
  • 1985
San Remo Adela Grand Prize
  • 1994
Arcachon The Sleep of the Island Special Jury Award - „Silver Makhila”