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Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

  • Director, writer, producer
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Without any formal arts education Bogdan followed a convoluted path to filmmaking. He was a rugby player at a top club in Romania, an investigation journalist at a leading daily newspaper, a sports marketing consultant, a political communication consultant. Meanwhile he wrote short stories and collaborated with a culture magazine - SUB25. His works deals with the ever changing landscape of urban youth. He observes generations of young people in search of identity, caught between extreme libertarian values and Balkan's history and society. Born and raised in Bucharest Bogdan is placing all of its stories in that city, the country capital and the melting pot of all those influences, a meeting space for Russia, Turkey and European Union. read more

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Festivals / Awards

  • 2020
Varsovia IFF Mia își ratează răzbunarea Special Mention of the Jury


Articles & Interviews

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