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Serghei Chiviriga, Guest of the REX European Animation Festival

     Romania will be present again at the 4th edition of the REX European Animation Festival in Stockholm (October 11 to 14, 2018). Besides the film screenings for the animation lovers of all ages, the festival will also include a section if discussions regarding the animated film and its role in the European cinema.
     During the festival three animated short films made by young animators will be screened: Skugos, made by Dragoș Ștefan and Dan Panaitescu (Romania, 2016), The Best Customer/Cel mai bun client, made by Serghei Chiviriga (Romania, 2017), and Somewhere / CEVA, directed by Paul Mureșan (Romania, 2018).
     Serghei Chiviriga will attend the screening of his film The Best Customer/Cel mai bun client and also the Q&A session as well as more discussions during the festival. Moreover, Serghei Chiviriga will hold a master class at the Theatre and Film University and will visit film studios in the Swedish capital.
     The participation of the ICR Stockholm at this year`s edition of the REX Animation Festival, as well as the presence of the director Serghei Chiviriga at the festival are made with the support of the EUNIC department from the Romanian Cultural Institute.
     The 2018 REX Animation Festival represents a partnership between 15 European institutes and embassies in Sweden: Embassy of Austria, Embassy of the Republic of Estonia, Embassy of Greece, Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia, Embassy of Spain, Czech Centre, Camões Institute, Cervantes Institute, Romanian Cultural Institute, Finish Institute, French Institute, Goethe Institute, Italian Institute, Polish Institute and Ukrainian Institute.
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