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      One World Romania International Documentary & Human Rights Film Festival is back in 2023, with 34 feature, medium and short documentary films, 2 retrospectives dedicated to the late Jocelyne Saab and Želimir Žilnik, a retrospective dedicated to the 30 yrs anniversary of Visual Arts Foundation, one masterclass, one Work in Progress program, an educational program for highschoolers students and a series of side events, presented in two steps:
     In person, between March 31st and April 9th, at Elvire Popesco, Eforie and ArCub Cinemas, as well as other locations across Bucharest (more details soon);
     Online with geo-blocking over Romanian territory, between 10 and 30th of April 2023. 
     The theme of this year's edition is "A GOOD LIFE" the pursuit of personal well-being, societal / cultural aspirations, political unity, technological development which is reflected in a complex program that contextualizes and questions the way in which the philosophical concept of good finds multiple portraits in culture and today's society, oscillating between immediate individual gratification and sustainable collective well-being. 
     The curators of the edition, Anca Păunescu and Andrei Tănăsescu sign the program of films and related events of the festival, organized as a result of several questions:
What does a "good life" mean in today's globalized world?
How can a society fulfill its duty to all social strata and provide them with the means to reach their true potential?
What are the moral and ethical dilemmas and/or trade-offs we face and, by extension, the destructive consequences of these decisions on other nations?
Beyond the "first world comfort at the expense of third world lives" statistics, what are the heartwarming stories of resilience and change that point to the harmonization of our common well-being?
How does one reconcile cultural relativism in the context of the accelerated growth of transnational identities?
     The film selection is organized in 5 sections, each of which reflect and further elaborate the general theme: “Good Life”; “Old Scars, New Wounds”; “Resist to Exist”; “24/7”; “All that Breathes”.
Until March 1st, you can buy Early Bird Passes worth 120 lei already available on The pass includes access to all screenings, parties and related events of the festival.

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