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Call for participation: Animation Worksheep 2018

     Animation Worksheep, the intensive animation workshop organized by Anim`est, the only local festival dedicated exclusively to the animated films, chooses these days its next generation. The spring edition, the 10th one, will take place from March, the 2nd until March, the 23rd, 2018 and it will be held by the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies – CINETic.
     The animators from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, between 18 and 25 years old, can register until February, the 3rd, 2018, They are expected to send an e-mail to, containing the CV, the personal portfolio and a letter of application.
     The selected participants will have the opportunity to spend three weeks alongside specialists of the industry and to experiment different animation techniques, 2D hand-drawn/digital animation, stop-motion or cut-out, elements of storytelling and editing, as well as a big animation studio. There is no participation fee; furthermore, the participants from outside Bucharest will be offered free transportation and accommodation.
     Ever since its first edition organized in 2011, Animation Worksheep has become an important launching platform for the emerging artists of the two countries. Out of the over 70 graduates of the Animation Worksheep workshop, many of them work in animation studios. Moreover, more and more young artists work in teams and submit their films to the Romanian competition of the Anim`est festival. Since it was started, the Animation Worksheep educational platform has supported the effort of the founding team of the Anim`est Festival to resuscitate the Romanian animation. The purpose of this platform is to discover, train and promote young, talented animators, to build an active community and last, but not least, to help creating a local animation industry.
     Every year, the productions made by the Animation Worsksheep team are shown on the big screen, during the Anim`est Festival. In May 2017, the Animation Worksheep participants created the visuals for the live act DIOSA, for the opening of the Creepy Animation Night 2017. During the autumn edition, the participants worked on the Montagne Russe video, of the band Coma, which was screened at the Animusic Night 2017 and on the animated visuals  for the Haroun and the Sea of Stories, directed by Alexandru Berceanu, which  premiered during the Anim`est Festival.
     The animations produced at the Animation Worksheep:
Robin and the Backstabbers – „Când te-am cunoscut, Cristina” 

Coma – „Montagne Russe”

Proiecții Harun și Marea de Povești @Anim'est 2017

Experiment Animation Worksheep 2016


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