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GreenTech Film Festival 2019 – Documentary Film Screenings, Exhibitions, Debates and Workshops

     The Green Tech Film Festival – the education platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle, the care for the environment and the existing green technologies through documentary films, debates, workshops and exhibitions – returns in November 2019 with a new edition dedicated to the Bucharest  and Cluj-Napoca audiences. The events included in the program of the third edition in Bucharest will take place from November 11 to 17, at Park Lake      Shopping Center (main square and cinema areas), ARCUB (Big Hall) and Seneca Anticafe. They will be followed by a special edition organized in Cluj-Napoca, at Cinema Dacia, on Friday, November 22.
     This year`s edition is organized with the support of the embassies of the Nordic Countries – Sweden, Norway and Finland – European leaders in innovation, in the implementation of sustainability policies and in supporting and financing programs which are promoting innovative technologies to combat climate change. The agenda of the festival includes events that transpose examples of good practices of these countries, through screenings of documentary film, debates and exhibitions. The festival also includes activities for children: animations, games, workshops on internet safety, creative waste recycling and robotics.
     For the first time in Romania, two documentaries produced by Patagonia, one of the most respected brands in the world because through its actions it manages to raise public awareness about environmental issues and climate change, will be presented: Blue Heart – which documents the fight to protect Europe`s last wild rivers and draws attention to a potential environmental disaster – and Artifishal – which tracks the impact of fish farms and hatcheries on wild salmon reserves around the world.
     The access to all the festival events is free and based upon online reservation at
     The graphic presented in the visual of this edition belongs to Dan Perjovschi, well-known artist, illustrator, cartoonist and writer.

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