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NexT 2017 films come to your neighbourhood

     The NexT shorts will be available for viewing this year in the neighbourhoods Bucureștii Noi, Giulești, Pantelimon, Floreasca, Drumul Taberei and Tineretului, within the section NexT in the Neighbourhood.
     Thus, NexT 2017 will set up a series of original open-air screenings, in the spaces close to the former theatre houses, now closed. Admission will be free of charge.
     Among the shorts screened outside is also the long awaited-for series Oscars Night, to be viewed in Tineretului Park on Sunday, 25 June.
     NexT in the Neighbourhood includes a selection of five shorts from the NexT latest edition's competition and non-competition sections. From the international competition, the viewers will have the opportunity to see Regatul / The Kingdom (directed by Francesco Fanuele), about a man who discovers that the property that he inherited after his father's death has turned into an autonomous territory, with its own laws and its own currency. Ana vine acasă / Ana Is Coming Home (directed by Emilian Floareș), selected in the national competition, follows the adventure of a freshly divorced couple who try to hide their new status from their daughter who came home for the holiday. NexT Fantasia is sending Lespan / Leshy (directed by Pavel Soukoup), about the confrontation between Karel, who takes care of the forest and Leshy, a creature bothered by poachers. From the section dedicated to Greece, Prim-miniștrii / The Prime Ministers (directed by Stefanos Chachamidis) is a film about six politicians nominated to this State position, but who all die during one single year. In Micile gesturi stângace de tandrețe / Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness (directed by Miia Tervo), included in NexT Is Feminist, a father wants to show his affection for his daughter by taking her to a car wash, but they both end up having an adventure on the female hygiene isle.
     The programme NexT in the Neighbourhood is organised by the NexT Cultural Society in partnership with Arcub and with the Town Hall of Bucharest Municipality.
     The screenings will be held at the former Cinema Pacea (Masca Theatre) in Bucureștii Noi (on Thursday, 22 June, 21.30), at the former Cinema Giulești (on Friday, 23 June, 21.30), at the former Cinema Cosmos in Pantelimon (on Saturday, 24 June, 21.30), at the former Cinema Floreasca (on Sunday, 25 June, at 21.30) and at the former Cinema Favorit in Drumul Taberei (on Monday, 26 June, at 21.30).
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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