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Contest “The First or the Second Feature Film for a Woman Director”

     The Romanian Association of the Women in Cinema (ARFC), together with Aparte Film and with the support of the National Cultural Fund Administration organizes the contest “The First or Second Feature Film for a Woman Director – mentoring and development scholarship”.
     The project is a contest dedicated to the female students who graduated a film faculty and who made at least one short film and who are at the first or the second feature film for which they wrote a screenplay draft or a treatment.
     The period for submitting the files is August 1 – September 15. The winning project will receive 10,000 lei gross, out of which 5,000 lei gross will be received by the director. The rest of the amount will be used for the project development.
     “Our attention will go to the talents with a certain voice, with atypical projects strongly imbued with their artistic personality. It is important that these young talents find their way to the audience and we will be happy to have a contribution to this”, Anca Damian, the president of the Romanian Association of the Women in Cinema declared.
     All the details that are necessary for the submitting of the projects to the contest can be found on the ARFC website and also on the Facebook pages of the association and of the Aparte company, starting with August 1, 2019.
     The Romanian Association of the Women in Cinema is a professional, non-profit organisation, founded in 2008 by Anca Damian, which intends to promote the professional artistic creation of the Romanian women, in the film field, in the contemporary artistic context. It equally promotes universal human values, referable especially to the feminine nature, such as empathy, compassion, non-violence.
     Aparte Film is an author film company founded and run by Anca Damian, which produces films made both by female directors and the promising young filmmakers of the new generation. Aparte Film entered the attention of the film industry with the docu-animation Crulic – The Path to Beyond / Crulic - Drumul spre dincolo (2011), made by Anca Damian, with official selections in over 150 international festivals and winner of more than 35 awards. The one that followed is the animation documentary The Magic Mountain / Muntele magic (2015) – with a record of more than 60 selections in festivals and 15 awards received. Last year`s production of the Aparte Film company, the short animated film production The Call / Telefonul (2018), which was selected in more than 50 festivals, received 9 national and international awards so far.
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