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Romanian Filmmakers Invited at the IKSV Film Festival in Istanbul

     The “Dimitrie Cantemir” Romanian Cultural Institute in Istanbul announces the presence of the Romanian filmmakers invited at the 38th edition of the IKSV International Film Festival, which will take place from April 5 to 16, 2019.
     The Romanian films selected for this edition are: Alice T. (directed by Radu Muntean) and Love 1. Dog / Dragoste 1. Câine (directed by Florin Șerban) and the filmmakers that were invited are: Florin Şerban (director), Irina Margareta-Nistor –special guest of the festival), Oana Giurgiu (Meetings on the Bridge), Anamaria Antoci(Meetings on the Bridge), Carla Fotea (Meetings on the Bridge).
     The Meetings on the Bridge section will be organized for the 14th time in 2019 and according to the tradition, the participants will be film producers from Turkey and the neighboring countries alongside professionals of the international film field. The meetings will take place from April 10 to 13. The guests from Romania are: Oana Giurgiu – JURY,  Anamaria Antoci, Carla Fotea.
     The past few years, the Romanian Cultural Institute in Istanbul had a tight collaboration with a IKSV Film Festival. Romanian Filmmakers were present in the festival jury and constantly took part in side events. As part of the promotion strategy in Turkey of the new Romanian cinema, the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Romanian Cultural Institute in Istanbul intends on carrying on the collaboration with the organizers of the Istanbul International Film Festival, supporting the participation of the Romanian filmmakers to the event.

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